If you are practicing with your teen,
aren’t there times when you wish you had a way to stop the car?

What if you could have your own dual control brake?

How many times did your foot almost go through the floor?

  • Teaching a new driver is not so easy — even for an experienced driver.
  • You’ve accepted a grave responsibility — now get the tools you need.

The Controller

  • The Parent Brake (“The Controller™) provides you with the ability to slow or stop the vehicle as needed.  It also serves as a communication device to alert your student to slow or to let up on the brake.
  • The Parent Brake (“The Controller™) gives you the confidence to assist your new driver in those early stages when your ability to control the vehicle is essential.
  • You will be glad you have this device when you need it. 
  •  The Parent Brake (“The Controller™) gives you the confidence to assist your new    driver in those early stages when your ability to control the vehicle is essential.
  • The Parent Brake (“The Controller™) gives you the opportunity to create a safer driver training and practice experience for you and your teenager.

“I have taught students in both situations – with a dual control brake and without a dual control brake.  My preference is to have a dual control brake.  It gives me more control and actually helps the student be more comfortable and have less anxiety.”

– Patrick Barrett, Driver Education Guru.

The Parent Brake (“The Controller™) promotes a safe learning environment which reduces the risk and anxiety associated with training someone how to drive.  More importantly, this teen driver training dual brake product creates a calm, focused atmosphere for effective, heavy traffic driving experiences.

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this unit is light-weight, yet strong and durable. Finished with a clear rubberized coating to protect the interior of you vehicle.

Allows the parent/instructor to use their left hand to control the steering wheel – extremely important feature/benefit.  When you need to grab the steering wheel, you need your left hand free to do so.

The Crash-Proof Parent Toolkit

The Crash-Proof Parent Toolkit includes Training Mirrors, Student Driver sign, 3 CD Audio Series and our In-Vehicle Guide. Additional tools included online are In-Vehicle & Coaching Videos.

The 42 Part Audio Series


Driver Ed in a Box® features a 42 part audio series for parents to prepare for each stage of in-vehicle training.

Parents can listen while traveling to and from work, running errands, or working around the house. Listen to each section just preceding work on the next area of in-vehicle training, so the information is fresh in your mind as you begin that training phase. Some parents select certain segments of the audio series for the student to listen to before or after beginning a training area. Parents have told us that it often helps for the student to hear the reasons for training methods from another source than the parent.


The Training Mirrors

The round, flat Eye Check Mirror allows the parent to see at a glance where the student`s eyes are focused. Not even most driving school instructors know to use this mirror!

A fixed stare, failure to check the blind spot before moving to a new lane, or failure to check the rear view before slowing are easily detected. This allows the parent to coach the student until the student has developed the correct HABITS of eye movement. Training safety is enhanced by using the convex, rectangular mirror allowing the parent or guardian to see what is happening behind the vehicle, while keeping all vehicle mirrors adjusted for the student.


The Student Driver Sign

Every Driver Ed in a Box® comes with a black and white Student Driver sign that is easily attached and removed from your vehicle, and is optional for your use in most states.

Testimonials from actual users:

”Received my “Controller” yesterday. It came out of the box ready to go. I installed it. It was very easy to attach to the brake pedal. My wife and I tried it out and it worked great. Today I took our neighbor’s son who I’m teaching how to drive and it didn’t intimidate him and worked great. Just a push on the Controller and it did the job of slowing down his approaches and once helped making a full stop (he was coming in a little too fast). Great product and I would highly recommend it for anyone teaching someone to drive. Gave me confidence and it also gave my learner confidence as well.”

“This is simple to use and lets me train a young driver. Really adorable solution for maintaining control when needed”

“WORKS!… In our SUV it was so simple to use. I was able to help my son a lot in slowing him down, my left hand free to help him turn corners and even come to a complete stop. We had someone to pull out in front of us today and I pushed the Controller hard and it stopped like a normal foot would be hitting the break. If we did not have the Controller, we would have had a very bad crash. The Controller saved us both. Not only that, but sometimes I have had to pull back on the Controller to get his foot off the brake pedal too. The Controller is a MUST HAVE product in teaching anyone how to drive!”