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Here’s your chance to safeguard your
teen’s future by ensuring she has the
skills and habits to be a safe and
collision-free driver during the most
dangerous year of her life.

With the Driver Ed in a Box® course you have
all the tools you need to give your teen
eective in-vehicle training that will keep her
safe on the road now and through her young
adult years.

Drivers education should be something you enjoy doing with your teen. Learning to drive a car with your parent is the best kind of drivers ed.

No parent wants their teen to wreck the car.

That is why we created this powerful set of tools to help you give them the best driver education available. Driver Ed in a Box® is a complete parent taught driver education course for new drivers.

Designed by nationally recognized driver training expert Patrick L. Barrett, Driver Ed in a Box provides parents with all the tools necessary to help their teens become safe, collision-free drivers.

Driver Ed in a Box® is for the parent who
wants their teen to be a collision-free driver

FamilyDriver Ed in a Box is a driver-training curriculum that’s designed so you can teach your teen to drive…on your schedule.

The aim is to give you a simple training program that you can easily implement with your young adult.

Driver Ed In A Box® is for the parent/teen who wants a program that focuses on giving the instructor and student more tools for the Behind the Wheel phases.

It’s for the parents that truly want to help their son or daughter become a safe collision-free driver.

It’s for the teen that wants to score higher on the permit test and feel safer, more confident behind the wheel.

You are able to complete the course at your own pace, on your schedule. You don’t have to wait until the end of football season, or the start of summer vacation, to begin the training.

With Driver Ed in a Box® you’re allowed to MASTER each skill set before you move on to the next. As your new driver will gain confidence in their skills and will not be intimidated by more traffic and possible dangers. Your teen will master the skills and know the dangers before they enter each new area of driving.

You want your teen to get their license, but more importantly, you also want to be a safe, collision-free driver. At the end of this course, your teen will be a safe driver, and also have the confidence to drive in all kinds of traffic, any day of the week, any time of the day.

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Driver Ed in a Box® produces collision-free drivers

Not Based on Theory, But Actual Documented Results

Collision Rates for Teens in Texas

A review of the driving records of the graduates of the parent-taught driver education course, Driver Ed in a Box®, shows that while 16 year old drivers in the State of Texas have a collision rate of 11.4%, 16 year old drivers using Driver Ed in a Box® have a collision rate of only 1.4%.

What is a “collision rate”?

It is the number of collisions reported to the Department of Public Safety as reflected on the indi-vidual driver records divided by the number of licensed drivers in that category (then multiplied by 100 to convert to a percentage).

The latest published version of the Department of Public Safety’s Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident 2001 statistics book on page 36 states 141,357 licensed 16 year old drivers had 16,113 reported collisions for a collision rate of 11.4%.

In April of 2005 a random sample of 1,009 of Driver Ed in a Box® 16 year old graduates’ driving records were pulled directly from the Department of Public Safety’s records. The Driver Ed in a Box® 16 year old graduates had only 14 collisions for a collision rate of 1.4%.

Let’s compare those 2 numbers side-by-side:

Driver Ed in a Box® graduates: 1.4% collision rate

All other driver education graduates: 11.4% collision rate

Teen Driving

Conclusion: Driver Ed in a Box® graduates
are significantly safer drivers…
over 8 times safer!

“I have received much more practice and personal attention in the home-taught driver’s ed than my friends, and I feel completely comfortable and in control.”

“My dad and I listened to the CD’s and watched several of the beginning videos, and my dad explained the terminology used before starting in the parking lot.

Once I began driving, I would say what actions I was doing, such as ‘Clear left, clear right, clear left’ or “Mirror.’

This system of driver Commenting was probably the most helpful part of the program, both because it made me conscious of whether or not I was doing the right things and it told my Dad exactly what I was thinking so that he would know if I was aware of the hazards or if he needed to alert me.

We began driving in the parking lot, progressing next to light residential streets and then to streets with faster speeds and heavier traffic. Freeway driving was my final step in urban driving.

On both of our vacations, I was able to get lots of time driving on interstate highways. I have received much more practice and personal attention in the home-taught driver’s ed than my friends, and I feel completely comfortable and in control.”

– Matt Ashbaugh, Dallas, Texas

Everything you need to teach your teen to drive collision-free is in the box!

What’s in the Box?

Driver Ed in a Box

Online Classroom

Online Classroom

The Driver Ed in a Box® program is now available online. Now you and the student can access everything you need from any computer. Just login and get started.

The Driver Ed in a Box® classroom is still the best and most thorough, and now that it’s online, it’s even easier to do.

The online classroom features:

  • Self-paced – This self-paced course allows your son/daughter to move through the content at her own pace on a schedule that works best for her.
  • Automatic Grading & Record Keeping– All the tests and quizzes are automatically graded and recorded and can be accessed at anytime.
  • Easy Review – Your student can go back and review the material anytime and as often as needed.
  • Driving Journal – The Driving Journal is available as a PDF file that lets the student print it and complete it as she goes through the course.
  • Parent Access – For you, the Parent, you have your own Login you can access the report section anytime to see your student’s progress and scores.
  • Manages Classroom for you – – At a glance, you can easily see how much time she spent on each part, what questions she missed and how far along she is. In short, it’s an easy way to measure her progress as the online course basically manages the classroom phase for you.
  • Video Classroom Instruction – Video instruction as part of the online instruction makes learning the material easier and more fun. It’s like being in class with Mr. Barrett as your instructor.

Parent Companion

The Parent Companion

This is a spiral bound book for the parent that is easy and convenient to use during the in-vehicle training.

This invaluable tool contains:

  • Introduction to the Driver Ed in a Box® program
  • Structure of Classroom & In-Vehicle Lessons
  • Classroom Lesson Plans & Record Keeping
  • In-Vehicle Checklists & Record Keeping
  • Coaching Tips & Diagrams to assist with effective in-vehicle training
  • Commitment to Drive Sober & Be Responsible, a family commitment to safe and responsible driving
  • Parent Review of Audio Series, to serve as a reminder of key points.
  • Glossary of Commentary Terms
  • Forms for Certificate of Completion.
  • In-Vehicle Checklists – Keep you prepared and organized, making it easy to stay on track and focused. You don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving something out.
  • Logs – Simple system for keeping track of all your in-vehicle time.
  • Diagrams – Handy, practical, and useful in-vehicle diagrams and illustrations that make it easier to communicate with your student.
  • Forms & Checklists for Licensing – DPS forms and checklists for obtaining the Learner’s License (Permit) – which you get after the first 6 hours of class – and the forms you need to obtain your Certificate of Completion, which you’ll need for the Driver License.

15 Videos

15 Videos

“My in-vehicle training experience was awesome!”

I loved getting to know how to drive. Also, learning how to maneuver and cooperate with others on the road. The most helpful parts of this program were the videos.

Actually “seeing” the correct way to drive and what to do in specific situations was really helpful. I felt so excited when I realized that I was a courteous driver.”

– B.B., Pasadena, Texas

Driver Ed in a Box® includes 15 videos independently produced by Driver Ed in a Box® from the perspective of a parent and student working together in the vehicle.

2 Bonus Videos

Includes 2 bonus videos. One that addresses drinking & driving (a true story), and a video that explains Anti-lock Braking Systems.

Instructor Coaching Video Series

A growing library of coaching tips where Patrick Barrett goes into more detail and depth to make your in-vehicle preparation and experience even easier. With these coaching videos, you’ll be teaching like a seasoned pro.

Audio Series

The 42 Part Audio Series

Driver Ed in a Box® features a 42 part audio series for Parents to prepare for each stage of in-vehicle training.

Parents can listen while traveling to and from work, running errands, or working around the house.

“I learned a lot from the CD’s.”

“The in-vehicle training part of the program, of course, was the most helpful to me.

The more I practiced, the more comfortable I felt driving in the traffic pattern. I learned a lot from the CD’s. They were very helpful on what to do.”

– Dana Marie Cox, Jacksonville, FL

Listen to each section just preceding work on the next area of in-vehicle training, so the information is fresh in your mind as you begin that training phase.

Some parents select certain segments of the audio series for the student to listen to before or after beginning a training area.

Parents have told us that it often helps for the student to hear the reasons for training methods from another source than the parent.

The Training Mirrors

The round, flat Eye Check Mirror allows the parent to see at a glance where the student`s eyes are focused. Not even most driving school instructors know to use this mirror!

A fixed stare, failure to check the blind spot before moving to a new lane, or failure to check the rear view before slowing are easily detected.
This allows the parent to coach the student until the student has developed the correct HABITS of eye movement.

Training safety is enhanced by using the convex, rectangular mirror allowing the parent or guardian to see what is happening behind the vehicle, while keeping all vehicle mirrors adjusted for the student.

Student Driver Sign

The Student Driver Sign

Every Driver Ed in a Box® comes with a black and white Student Driver sign that is easily attached and removed from your vehicle, and is optional for your use in most states.

Certificates of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, fill out and send the Completion Affidavit and Surveys to Driver Ed in a Box® to receive your Certificate of Completion. This also includes a separate Certificate for your insurance discount.

Driving Journal

Recent changes require that students document how they’re going to apply what they’ve learned. This Driving Journal allows you to meet this requirement, while giving you an opportunity to record memorable experiences in your driver ed journey.

Advantage Safety Club

As a Driver Ed in a Box® client, you get a free lifetime membership as a Silver member in the Advantage Safety Club.

We GUARANTEE that your teen will
– or your money back!

We guarantee that once you successfully complete all the requirements of the Driver Ed in a Box® course and has been issued a Certificate of Completion you will drive collision free for a full 12 months**. If you have a driver-error collision within one year from the date of completion resulting in a claim being filed and a deductible being paid, we will refund the full amount paid for the program.

That’s right…GUARANTEED.

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“Driver Ed in a Box® has given me a head start in driving.”

“Driver Ed in a Box® has given me a head start in driving. I knew more in my first week of driving than my friends learned in a year.

Right away I was taught how to deal with distractions in and outside the car and still be totally focused on driving.

In the areas where I live, many teenagers get seriously injured or die from accidents involving too many distractions in and around the car.

Needless to say, if they had been taught how to deal with any type of distractions, the accident would probably never have happened.”

– Student, Springfield, Missouri

Driver Ed in a Box® is the
BEST driver education value

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Online ClassroomOnline Classroom + Parent ToolsFull Online Course

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