Attention: Parents of Teens Ready To Start Driver Education – Keep Your Sanity


  • Motor vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of deaths and injuries to teenagers even after three generations of driver education.
  • There is nothing else your teenager will do on a daily basis that puts their lives at risk.
  • Other driver education courses emphasize classroom over in-vehicle training.

Why Driver Ed in a Box is your best choice for teaching your teen to drive:

  • You complete the course at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Your teen will master each skill set before moving on to the next skill.
  • It gives your teen the confidence to drive in all kinds of traffic, and anytime of the day or week.
  • Your teen will leave the program a safer driver than those that take traditional drivers education.
  • Your teenager is only going to learn to drive once in their lifetime
  • Driver Ed in a Box is the only course that guarantees your teen drives their first year collision-free or your money back!


online_drivers_edThe collision rate is the number of collisions reported to the Department of Public Safety as reflected on the individual driver records divided by the number of licensed drivers in that category (then multiplied by 100 to convert to a percentage).

The latest published version of the Department of Public Safety’s Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident 2001 statistics book on page 36 states 141,357 licensed 16 year old drivers had 16,113 reported collisions for a collision rate of 11.4%.

In April of 2005 a random sample of 1,009 of Driver Ed in a Box® 16 year old graduates’ driving records were pulled directly from the Department of Public Safety’s records. The Driver Ed in a Box® 16 year old graduates had only 14 collisions for a collision rate of 1.4%.

Let’s compare those 2 numbers side-by-side:

Driver Ed in a Box® graduates: 1.4% collision rate
All other driver education graduates: 11.4% collision rate

Driver Ed in a Box® graduates are significantly safer drivers
over 8 times safer!

Online Classroom

The Driver Ed in a Box® program is now available online. Now you and the student can access everything you need from any computer. Just login and get started.

The Driver Ed in a Box® classroom is still the best and most thorough, and now that it’s online, it’s even easier to do.

The online classroom features:

  • Self-paced – This self-paced course allows your son/daughter to move through the content at her own pace on a schedule that works best for her.
  • Automatic Grading & Record Keeping – All the tests and quizzes are automatically graded and recorded and can be accessed at anytime.
  • Easy Review – Your student can go back and review the material anytime and as often as needed.
  • Driving Journal – The Driving Journal is available as a PDF file that lets the student print it and complete it as she goes through the course.
  • Parent Access – For you, the Parent, you have your own Login you can access the report section anytime to see your student’s progress and scores.
  • Video Classroom Instruction – Video instruction as part of the online instruction makes learning the material easier and more fun. It’s like being in class with Mr. Barrett as your instructor.


15 Videos

Driver Ed in a Box® includes 15 videos independently produced by Driver Ed in a Box® from the perspective of a parent and student working together in the vehicle.

2 Bonus Videos

Includes 2 bonus videos. One that addresses drinking & driving (a true story), and a video that explains Anti-lock Braking Systems.


Driver Ed in a Box® covers the classroom portion of your driver education. In order to begin the classroom, you must be at least 15 years old.

Once you complete the course, you will get a Certificate of Classroom Completion. You’ll take the Certificate of Classroom Completion to a driving school to complete the required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. The behind-the-wheel training provider will be who issues the Certificate of Driver Education Enrollment (CDE). The students will take the behind-the-wheel CDE form into a BMV to obtain a learner’s permit. The student can enroll without a permit, but must obtain their permit prior to beginning the behind-the-wheel training.