Traditional Driver Ed School Required

In Georgia teens are required to attend a traditional driver ed school, usually offered through a school or a local commercial center, in order to get their license, if they want to get their license before age 17. But what if you want to do more than just learn to drive? What if you want to learn to drive collision-free? If you want to do that, then you need Driver Ed in a Box®. Only Driver Ed in a Box® gives you the tools you need in order to create and build the habits of collision-free driving. While you attend driving school, you can use our program as supplemental material, as many of our customers in Georgia have. Remember, forty (40) hours of driving experience, including six (6) hours of driving at night, is always required for a Class D driver’s license.

“Excellent. Having driven with my teen, I feel much more confident of her abilities and will be less anxious about letting her drive.” – Deborah Myers, Alpharetta, Georgia

“It was very informative from the time you start lesson one to the time you complete the program. I honestly thought it was just going to waste my time and be yet another hoop that I had to jump through just to get my license.” –T.A.C., Dallas, Georgia

“I do think this is an excellent program. My own driving skills have improved & it made teaching my child much easier. I look forward to using it again with my daughter next year.” – M.V., LaGrange, Georgia

Is your goal simply to get a license?

Or is your goal to drive collision-free?

At Driver Ed in a Box®, our goal is to help you become a collision-free driver.

Georgia Department of Driver Services.