Traditional Driver Ed School Required

In Massachusetts teens are required to attend a traditional driver ed school, usually offered through a school or a local commercial center, in order to get their license. But what if you want to do more than just learn to drive? What if you want to learn to drive collision-free? If you want to do that, then you need Driver Ed in a Box®. Only Driver Ed in a Box® gives you the tools you need in order to create and build the habits of collision-free driving. While you attend driving school, you can use our program as supplemental material, as many of our customers in Massachusetts have.

“The concept of collision free driving and the resultant philosophy of your program is new to me – as a seasoned driver – and I think its fantastic. I loved the constant reinforcement and review of concepts.” – Lyndie Laramore, Plainville, Massachusetts

“My dad and I listened to the tapes and watched several of the beginning videos, and my dad explained the terminology used before starting in the parking lot. Once I began driving, I would say what actions I was doing, such as ‘Clear left, clear right, clear left’ or “Mirror.’ This system of driver Commenting was probably the most helpful part of the program, both because it made me conscious of whether or not I was doing the right things and it told my dad exactly what I was thinking so that he would know if I was aware of the hazards or if he needed to alert me.” – Matt Ashbaugh, Student

“I now feel confident in my decision making and driving skills. I am ready to be driving by myself. The most helpful tool has been the videos. I have enjoyed watching and learning from them. Thank you very much.” – Alex Knight, Student

Is your goal simply to get a license?

Or is your goal to drive collision-free?

At Driver Ed in a Box®, our goal is to help you become a collision-free driver.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.