No Driver Ed Laws

Driver Ed in a Box® makes it easy to get your license in Nebraska, and you can start the permit stage at age 15. To drive-collision-free, you need Driver Ed in a Box®. Only Driver Ed in a Box® provides you and your parent with the tools to create and build your habits of collision-free driving.

“Some of the rules established by Driver Ed in a Box® really helped me establish some good habits and break other ones that weren’t so good. It helped me understand the forward pivot point, reverse pivot point, and to target well ahead at all times. I also learned to SMOG, be a more conscious driver, check the mirrors every 8 seconds, and most of all, be more cautious. Thanks to some of these rules and tips, and practicing them, I think I’m becoming a collision-free driver. Although I may not be a perfect driver, my goal is to be collision-free, and I think I’m on my way to obtaining that goal.” – C.B., Dakota City, Nebraska

“I can sum it up in two words, “More Confident”. I really like driving, so learning to drive rural and city roads wasn’t really too bad. But frankly, I was scared to death to drive on highways, freeways, and interstates. As I learned to drive on them with the program, I began to get more comfortable with faster driving. After just a few weeks of driving on highways, I feel much more confident and I’m not scared to do it anymore. Driver Ed in a Box® is a great program. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks for helping me be a collision free driver.” – Student, Hickman, Nebraska

“This course has impressed on my son the importance of driving safely.” – D.B., Dakota City, Nebraska

Is your goal simply to get a license?

Or is your goal to drive collision-free?

At Driver Ed in a Box®, our goal is to help you become a collision-free driver.

Nebraska State DMV.