No Driver Ed Laws

Driver Ed in a Box® makes it easy to get your license in Oregon, and you can start the permit stage at age 15. To drive-collision-free, you need Driver Ed in a Box®. Only Driver Ed in a Box® provides you and your parent with the tools to create and build your habits of collision-free driving.

“When I first started using Driver Ed in a Box® I hardly knew how to start a car. Reading the textbook and watching the videos helped, but nothing can replace actual driving experience behind the wheel.” – P.T.D., Hood River, Oregon

“The Parent Companion helped us to follow through and be organized and thorough in the behind the wheel training.” – S.M., Redmond, Oregon

“Driver Ed in a Box® gave me something concrete to start the teaching process with and it also taught me right along with my teen.” – Valeria Anderson, Woodburn, Oregon

“The curriculum provided a great tool and framework through which my Dad could instruct me. I still refer to many of the terms we used during this program. Also the practice drive tests aided me in preparing for my drive test and I appreciated the foundation of road law heavily laced with common sense.” – Nathan Nance, Salem, Oregon

Is your goal simply to get a license?

Or is your goal to drive collision-free?

At Driver Ed in a Box®, our goal is to help you become a collision-free driver.

Oregon State DMV.