Washington D.C.

No Driver Ed Laws

Driver Ed in a Box® will satisfy all of your teenager’s driver education needs and at the same time teach them to become a safe, collision-free driver. In Washington DC, you do not need to take any other driver education course (either through the school system of from a commercial school.)

The first 6 hours if the classroom included in our course, combined with the Washington DC Driver Manual, will give your teen all the information they need to take their examination and receive their permit at age 16. Then, they can then get their license at age 16 ½.

Driver Ed in a Box® gives you the tools to work with your teen during the permit stage. Washington DC requires you spend a minimum of 40 hours supervising your teen driver during the permit time. Our course will guide you past the handling skills learned in traditional driver education, giving you the tools you need to teach the skills your teen driver needs to become a safe, collision-free driver. By combining the 40 hours Washington DC requires with the tools you receive in Driver Ed in a Box®, you will help your teen build the habits of safe, collision-free driving. Driver Ed in a Box® creates habits that are proven to be effective.

The Driver Ed in a Box® program gives you the tools to master the skills of each section of driving (we break it down to Parking Lot, Neighborhood, Two Lane and Four Lane Light Traffic, Freeway, Rural and Heavy Traffic). With our checklist and audio CDs, it allows the student to master the skills required in each area at their own pace before moving on to the next section. All of this is completed during the state required permit time. Once you have had your permit at least 6 months and you are at least 16 1/2 (Washington DC state requirements), you can go to the local driver license examiner and take your road test.

Parents using Driver Ed in a Box® to work directly with their teen and supervise their progress ensures the safest teen drivers on the road.

“I believe that Driver Ed in a Box® has made me into a much safer driver than I would be if I hadn’t taken a drivers ed course. Thank you for putting me on the right path to be a safe and collision-free driver.” – P.G., Colton, South Dakota

“Driver Ed in a Box® has benefited me by teaching me how to drive safely. The repetitions helped me to develop good habits that have stayed with me. The importance of reading the traffic scene far ahead and looking over my shoulder before I make a lane change have become second nature to me, making driving in heavy traffic much easier.” – Lauren R. Hall, Student

“We were traveling home at night on the interstate with (student) at the wheel when we came up behind a drink driver. (Student) was very calm & confident as he kept a safe distance as the drunk weaved from side to side doing 75+ mph.” – K.G., Colton, SD

Is your goal simply to get a license?

Or is your goal to drive collision-free?

At Driver Ed in a Box®, our goal is to help you become a collision-free driver.

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