How to Prepare for your Scheduled DPS Road Test

Thank you for scheduling your road test. Appointment details have been sent to you by email. If you don’t receive it within several minutes, check your spam or junk email folder.

Below are the things you must do to prepare for your road test appointment:

1. Send pictures of the following information to us by email (at or by text (at 832-819-1931), ASAP so we can verify that all your paperwork is in order:

  • Tester’s Learner License Permit
  • A signed copy of the ITD certificate (see #2 below)
  • A filled out and signed DE-964 or ADE 1317 certificate if applicable (Driver Education Certificate)
  • 2. All tester’s must complete the required Impact Texas Driver (ITD) program that the DPS has added as a prerequisite for road testing. This is a new course required by the DPS for drivers taking the road test after 9/1/14 from third party testers. You can access the ITD Program through this link.

    3. Bring the following to your road test appointment:

    • DE-964 or ADE 1317 certificate if applicable
    • Tester’s permit (learner license)
    • A parent or legal guardian (if completed a full Driver Education course)
    • Impact Texas Driver (ITD) (
    • The vehicle you are using for the test, along with: a. Valid inspection/registration sticker, b. License plates (both front & back of vehicle if in TX), c. Proof of insurance. (Tester does not have to be listed as insured, but may not be listed as EXCLUDED on the insurance)

    We will verify the paperwork before the test, inspect the vehicle driven during the test, and after the test we will complete the paperwork.

    The test takes about 12-15 minutes. After a successful test, we will put the originals (except for Learner’s License) in an envelope and seal the envelope with tamper proof tape.

    Thank you for your trust in us. If you have questions or concerns about your DPS road test appointment, see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, or contact us.

    Patrick Barrett
    Driver Ed in a Box

    Cancellation Policy: There will be no refund for no-shows or cancellations within 72 hours of appointment. If you would to reschedule your appointment or cancel your appointment and receive a refund, please make sure you let us know at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you were unable to make it to your scheduled Road Test appointment and did not give enough notice, you can schedule another appointment at a reduced rate.